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WEX (Virtual)


The pandemic has made us very aware that finding work experience will become harder than ever. However, we still strongly believe that interaction with industry professionals is a vital part of a young person’s development, not only in terms of career knowledge and motivation to achieve good grades, but also in terms of personal growth and maturity. 

Our new programme is totally online and available 24-7 and can also be accessed from home. All the worksheets and activities are downloadable so that as well as keeping a personal online record, you can print the completed sheets to keep in a careers folder which they can take to interviews if you wish. When all the activities are completed, you will be able to print a certificate which details all the tasks that they have achieved. Summerhill school, will continue to update you on the varied opportunities to you, provided by some of the top employers in the country as well as local and more bespoke courses.

How it works 

  • The package is simple to use – there is no heavy manual or fifty-page pdf to read! 
  • There is no requirement for registration – a simple generic password unique to the school enables access. 

Elements of the package 

  • 80+ Videos over 12 hours of activities
  • Careers Quiz A multiple-choice fun activity to get pupils thinking about the World of Work. Each answer has further information and links to extra resources. 
  • Research Tasks As well as tips on how to do research, this page contains links to:
  • The Buzz Quiz 
  • Live Apprenticeship search 
  • University Course Finder  
  • How to write a Personal statement 
  • How to write a CV 
  • A site to explore all job roles by title Application Form This section contains written and video advice on completing application forms and a downloadable form to complete. To make this as real as possible, pupils are required to go to a job agency site and choose a real job to apply for. 
  • Covering Letter There is information and a video regarding this topic before the pupil downloads and completes the covering letter template to accompany their application form. 
  • Interview Skills This gives advice and videos on interview skills, including a downloadable interview planning sheet to help pupils prepare for their interview. 
  • Your Interview This is a downloadable interview sheet in which pupils are asked questions in a discussion-style; they are asked to respond in the same style. Sixth Form and College This explains the differences between Sixth Form and College using a video of young people who took their respective pathways. 
  • Apprenticeships This includes an information page together with a video of a young person who chose that route. 
  • Degree Apprenticeships This includes a video of a young person studying on a degree apprenticeship and explains the difference between degree apprenticeships and University. 
  • University An exploration of the pros and cons of going to university. 
  • Health and Safety This section contains a discussion of health and safety at work with young people particularly in mind and includes online fun quizzes and videos which both entertain and inform. Design your Future This shows a video encouraging pupils to seriously consider their future in terms of qualifications and job prospects. They download and complete a Design Your Future worksheet which will require some in-depth thinking and soul searching.

To access this free interactive package simply visit go to LOG IN and enter code VirtualWEX

To comply with GDPR regulations, an individual pupil’s work is NOT stored on the Virtual WEx company server; they only store general usage statistics. This means that only the individual pupil or the school have access to personal details that each pupil has included.







New Virtual Work Experience Opportunities: 

Tesco: Presenting Yourself with Confidence Post Exam Results
Dates: 17th August 10:00 – 11:30 
Eligibility: 16-18 
Application Deadline: 23rd July 

One Week Work Experience 
Dates: 23rd - 27th August 2021
Eligibility: 14-19 year olds. 
Application Deadline: 23rd July 2021

Tesco: Presenting Yourself with Confidence Post Exam Results
Dates: 17th August 10:00 – 11:30 
Eligibility: 16-18 
Application Deadline: 23rd July 

Special access to purchase a leading young adult eBook book for a discounted price of £0.99. The book is Eight Pieces of Silver, by Alex Patrice Lawrence.
Dates: 21st July - 18th August 15:30 - 16:30
Eligibility: 14-19  
Application Deadline: N/A



For a look at some fantastic Work Experience opportunities for 16-18 year old students, to give some ideas of potential careers in the Heritage sector, use the link below.


To contact Mr. Wollerton (Assistant Head Teacher / Careers Lead) please call 01384 816 165 or email