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Local Labour Market Information

Labour market information can help young people to make informed decisions about their future study and career choices. Labour market information tells you about what is happening in the job market at national, regional and local levels and includes information about jobs and salaries, what skills employers are looking for in different industrial sectors, conditions, communities and future trends.

Labour Market Profiles and Guide

Job Profiles

The National Careers Service Job Profiles contain information about the types of jobs available in different areas, which industries are growing, which need staff to replace those leaving and the skills which these employers will be looking for. The National Careers Service Job Profiles contain information on the skills and qualifications required for over 750 jobs. You can also find out about the work involved, salaries you and career prospects.


Would you like to get involved supporting our Careers Programme?  

If you are an employer locally or nationally, or a former member of our school community who would like to get involved on our Alumni programme, please click the button above to get in touch with us.

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Are you interested in a career in finance? This great resource focusses on: 

  • Potential career paths to become a finance professional: financial analyst to investment banking
  • How to start a career in finance
  • Suitable personality types alongside desired work experience and qualifications 

The guide (URL below) might be of interest and help your students, providing some valuable perspectives on how to enter a financial career.

Local Labour Market Information for Parents and Students



Useful Links

To contact Mr. Wollerton (Assistant Head Teacher / Careers Lead) please call 01384 816 165 or email