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The Constellation is a student led newspaper that aims to achieve a cooperative environment, informing the Summerhill community about past, present and future events and opportunities.

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  • 20/05/19

    Of Journeys and Goodbyes

    Charlie Jeavons, Editor-in-Chief and creator of the Constellation, with a message of goodbye.
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  • 25/01/19

    Ridgeway Bar

    Daniel Martin, with the next instalment of his sci-fi tale.
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  • 19/12/18

    Autumn Photo Essay

    Sam Crawford, winner of the autumn photo essay, painting a picture of autumn.
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  • 05/12/18

    Dark and Dingy Streets

    Daniel Martin, continuing his bleak tale of a flooded world.
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  • 29/10/18

    Rain Through the Window

    Daniel Martin, with part three of his dystopian tale.
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  • 23/10/18

    The House Championship

    Tom Dipple and Daniel Martin, with a first hand look at the House Championship.
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  • 18/10/18

    A Most Elegant Client

    Daniel Martin, with part two of his dystopian short story.
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  • 09/10/18

    Central Park, New New York

    Daniel Martin, with part one of a new short story, exclusive to the Constellation.
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  • 28/09/18

    Paper Towns, a review

    Nelly Brown, with a review for the John Green novel Paper Towns.
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  • 24/09/18

    The Constellation and You

    Charlie Jeavons, announcing the start of an exciting year.
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  • 22/06/18

    The House Championship

    Tom Dipple, with a report on the House Championship.
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  • 12/06/18

    Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

    Lucy Jones, with the adventure of the Duke of Edinburgh award.
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