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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Student Life

Hello, my name is Ella Palmer and I am the Head Girl at Summerhill School. Summerhill is so welcoming and has such a family feel, making school life an experience and a journey. I’m so thankful for this opportunity as, when I started secondary, I was just a scared, shy and worried student who was so nervous for what a new school would be like. I never thought I’d have the chance to become such a part of the school and I’m grateful to have had many occasions where I’ve been able to express who I am. From year 7-11, Summerhill has helped me massively in growing in confidence and being able to find myself and who I aspire to be. I’ve met many people over the past 4 years who have had a large impact on my life, and I believe that everyone here is so considerate and lovely that not once have I felt alone. Whilst the school has many great features like the facilities, the staff and the great learning environment, I specifically think that the unique factor that Summerhill has is how they’re constantly looking for ways to make it better, improving school life for everyone, on a day-to-day basis. As I come to my last year at the school, I want to ensure that everyone here is being heard and I want to be someone that everyone can come to whenever they need anything. At Summerhill, every day is different, and the opportunities are endless, for everyone.   

Ella Palmer - Head Girl 



My name is Cameron Wood and I am the Head Boy of Summerhill School. I became Head Boy because I wanted to be a role model that students could always look up to and go to for help/guidance should they need it. I am so grateful for the wide range of facilities that this school has to offer, and I am extremely thankful for the amazing members of staff who are always trying their absolute best to help us as students, so that we can achieve our goals in the future. In my opinion it is wonderful to be part of our learning environment and it is an honour to be a member of the Summerhill team. 

Cameron Wood - Head Boy