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Welcome to Summerhill School.

We have wonderful children, a caring and supportive community and a newly formed, experienced, skilled and passionate staff.  We have modern well equipped buildings and are located within beautiful countryside.  We are travelling very fast on a journey to become the undoubted first choice for education in our region, whether that be selective, comprehensive or independent.

We receive children and support them to develop as an individual to leave us as skilled, rounded and qualified young adults.  They will then be ready to continue their learning journey onwards and be nearing readiness to take their place in the modern world economy, whether continuing to the very best universities, or having a secure foothold in the world of work.  Ours is becoming the community of first choice, to release the potential of all; children, staff and our wider community.

Our philosophy is simple; we challenge and support each and every child to achieve more than they thought themselves capable of, whilst at the same time finding school life to be more enjoyable than they thought it was supposed to be.  Mature and mutually respectful relationships will characterise our community and we strive for excellence in every way, leaving no stone unturned.  We believe in educating children in partnership with parents and the wider community.  Our students will achieve academic excellence whilst enjoying their life as a child and learning that children and adults of all ages can enjoy teamwork, fun, challenge and success built upon a foundation of supportive relationships, family and British values within a global society.

The quality of our staff is becoming the envy of others and our aim is to become nothing less than a beacon school in the region, be respected as a ‘Beyond Outstanding’ school and to be recognised as a national and international innovative model of best practice.

We have chosen to reach for the stars with the names of our Houses coming from the constellations of: Draco (The Dragon: Green); Orion (The Hunter: Red); Pegasus (The Winged Horse: Blue) and Ursa (The Bear: Yellow).  Together with this, we have also introduced a smart, fun and colourful school Uniform which we believe helps our children to start their lives knowing how to look smart and feel proud.  Our House System is, we believe, an enjoyable and energising focus, giving children (and parents and staff) a level of pride and identity that encourages the excellence and caring ethos that we expect.

Please come along and visit us to experience our unique ethos, community and environment for yourself.  We would very much like to meet you and your family and invite you to join our family and become a special part of our bright future.  Tours of the school can be arranged at any time throughout the year for parents who are hoping to be able to secure a place for their child, and for staff wanting to join our special team.  Please contact and we will be happy to organise a date and time that is convenient for you.

James Bowkett
Executive Headteacher 

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