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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Student Leadership

Given our commitment to building character and shaping futures it is vital that there are plenty of opportunities for students to take responsibility for aspects of school life and develop their leadership skills.  In taking on these roles students also contribute to the running of the school and help to shape our wider school community.

Leadership Roles - Head Boy and Girl

Being Head Boy and Head Girl is a prestigious responsibility and one we take very seriously.  As Head Boy and Head Girl we represent the school and work with the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors on issues that affect students, both in the classroom and outside.  We lead the Junior Leadership Team, attend and chair meetings and represent the school at public events.

Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team is responsible for driving Summerhill forward.  The team of Year 11 students implement student led initiatives which benefit both the school and the whole community.  The Junior Leadership Team represents the school at every level and chair House Council meetings.

House Councils

A member of the House council has the responsibility of representing the students in the whole house. They must express the views of the students in each year, and work as a family together to ensure everyone can be successful at Summerhill.

House Captains

House captains support their Head of House in the smooth running of all events.  Each House has two House Captains and two Deputy House Captains that organise and lead assemblies, house events and are also part of the Junior Leadership Team.

Project A Ambassadors

Project A Ambassadors work as peer mentors within school.  Their role is to support students so they are able to confidently solve problems that they may have encountered at school. Project A Ambassadors are trained by The Princess Diana Award Scheme to offer ‘drop-in’ sessions during social time in their own room.