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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Year 9 Careers Programme





Year 9

Develop understanding of how  curriculum subjects link to potential careers

GCSE options

Activity Details Impact

My Future: Options  Assembly


February 2021


Increased awareness of the provision of careers, employability skills and future career pathways


Options Evening


March 2021


Students and parents have the opportunity to access high quality information and provision of future GCSE study pathways


Students and parents are able to  make well informed option choices to maximise potential achievement based on option advice and soft option choices in Year 8.


Quicker option process and less confusion and option changes throughout the year.


Enterprise Challenge (STEM)


July 2021


Improved skills in employment readiness i.e. problem solving, Communication (written and verbal) etc.


College Visits (Dudley & Halesowen)


January 2021 (TBC)


All Year 9 students to be given opportunity for a taster day at either Dudley College or Stourbridge college. This will dispel any myths relating to FE and give students real life FE experience helping to give them better information of future career path in Year 11


National Skills Show




All Year 9 students to be given opportunity to attend the National Skills Show exhibition at NEC. This will give them an insight in to future career paths and the required qualifications and skills needed to achieve