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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

School Uniform


Full school uniform must be worn at all times with no exceptions. The government guidance states that there is no need for further arrangements other than normal personal hygiene and washing of clothes following a day in a school. Uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often or differently than usual.

When your child has PE, they should attend school in their kit on that day. This ensures that we do not have social distancing issues in changing rooms. Plain black/navy tracksuit bottoms must be worn to cover kit. Please note that shorts/skorts/ leggings are not permitted to be worn around the building during the day.  This is done to protect the modesty of our girls both on site and whilst walking to and from school.

The uniform code states clearly that plain black polishable shoes must be worn – strictly no logos and no canvas/fabric shoes are allowed. Any metal tags must be removed. Shoes which have a substantial amount of rubber on the toe area are not permitted.  Skirts must be of a suitable length on or just above the knee.  Jewellery is restricted to a watch and one small stud earring in each ear.  Facial piercings, extreme hairstyles (tramlines etc.), extreme hair dyes (non-natural colours or patterns) or extreme/excessive makeup are not permitted.


Uniforms can be ordered online from the website by clicking on the logo below:

School Colours Direct logo

Sizing sets are available at The Sports Shop in Kingswinford and it is advisable to try-on first before ordering.
School Colours Direct contact details – or Telephone: 0113 391 7865 (Contact by email is preferred). Please remember to quote the name of school in the enquiry as well as the surname of the person who placed the order and order number. Delivery to homes is the only shipping method.


Our new school uniform was designed together with existing Students and their parents, we thank them for their helpful contribution.

The design of our jacket is a smart jacket and is not a blazer, they look smarter and last longer.  There is a different design for boys and girls and each jacket has a bright, fun House colour lining to match the ties so that students can display pride in their House.  The jackets are made from high quality, durable fabrics and are ethically manufactured. Jackets are machine washable and dry easily without the need for dry cleaning.  They have extendable sleeves (information on how to lengthen the sleeves can be found on the School Colours website).

Before ordering online, students can try on the jackets and jumpers using our sizing sets which are at The Sports Shop in Kingswinford.  Jackets are then ordered online from School Colours Direct (link on the school website), there is a quick and direct delivery service to your home address.

Image of uniform sizing


Long wearing, smart clothing does have an initial outlay, which is slightly more expensive, however over the course of 5 years these costs do approximately balance out versus the old uniform.  Over the course of school life, generally, students may only need 2 jackets, whereas the previous jumpers often required changing at least once per year.  In addition, generic white shirts can be far cheaper than the previous school polo shirts.  The items that are most likely to require replacement (such as shirts, trousers, skirts and shoes) are available from a wide range of suppliers.

Summerhill School Uniform

We believe that learning the essential life skill of knowing how to dress smartly and with pride, is an important part of education. We also believe that correct equipment demonstrates organisation and readiness to learn.





  • Navy jacket with House colour lining and House colour school logo
  • Full length tie in House colour with fine navy and grey stripes (tie must reach waistband)
  • Navy jumper with House colour trim around the neckline (optional)
  • Mid grey formal trousers or skirt. Skirt and trousers must be tailored and not jersey, stretchy or tight material. Skirts can be straight or pleated but no skater skirts. Skirts must be an appropriate length, no shorter than 6cm above the knee *

  • White collared shirt that can be buttoned up to the neck and is of a length so that it is kept tucked in. Shirt must be suitable to wear with a tie *
  • Plain black school shoes that can be polished. No logos, coloured stitching, suede, canvas, fabric, boots or high heels *
  • Grey or navy tights *
  • Grey or navy socks *

              * Parental choice of where to buy


  • Students should not have extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colours. Students with long hair need a ‘bobble’ or other way to tie it back for practical activities
  • Students may wear one pair of stud earrings, a watch and a small ring without protrusions. No other jewellery may be worn.
  • Students may wear nail polish but should not have nail extensions
  • Students may only wear a discreet amount of makeup
  • Whilst lockers are available in school, students will need to carry their homework and books to and from school. We recommend a rucksack style bag worn across both shoulders. The bag should be large enough to hold an A4 folder
  • Students may bring a mobile phone to school if they wish, but it must not be used, seen or heard inside the school building without specific permission from a member of staff
  • ParentPay is used to communicate with parents and allows parents to put money on to their child’s account for school meals and to pay for trips and activities. Messages and reminders are also sent to parents via the ParentPay system
  • Below is the equipment list:
  • 2 black pens
  • Blue pen
  • Red pen
  • 2 HB pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Pencil case
  • Ruler
  • Highlighter
  • Compass
  • Colouring pencils
  • Protractor
  • Glue stick
  • Progress journal
  • Water bottle
  • School bag
  • Scientific calculator


PE Kit

  • Navy PE polo shirt with House colour panels on the side
  • House colour / navy reversible long sleeved PE top
  • Navy PE shorts
  • Navy PE socks
  • Navy PE tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Navy swimming trunks / costume
  • Sport type leggings (Optional)




Any student failing to follow the kit expectations stated here will be expected to wear borrowed PE kit and will be issued with the appropriate sanction. This also applies to students excused from PE.

Students who are excused from PE (by a note) will still be expected to take an interactive part in the lesson by observing to learn, coaching, videoing, officiating etc. It may be that they need to go outside where it may be cold, wet or windy. Therefore, they should bring and wear (in addition to their full PE kit) the following: Black or blue coat / tracksuit bottoms / trainers.


Price List

Items to be ordered online from School Colours Direct:

Navy jackets with House colour lining

Size 26” – 38”                     £37.75

Size 40” – 48”                     £45.30


Navy jumper with House colour v neck stripe (optional, only for additional warmth)

Size 22” – 28”                     £14.38

Size 30” – 38”                     £16.77

Size 40” – 48”                     £23.20


Tie in House colour with blue and grey stripe



How to Order

The above items can be ordered online via School Colours Direct.  Please go to the uniform section on the school website and there will be a link taking you to the School Colours website. A sizing set of jackets and jumpers is held at The Sports Shop in Kingswinford for students to try on before ordering.  



Navy PE polo shirt with House colour panels on side

Junior £12.99                  Senior         £14.99


House colour / navy reversible long sleeved PE top

Junior £22.99                 Senior £26.99


Navy PE shorts

Junior £5.99                   Senior £6.99


It is parental choice where all other items are purchased.



Shoes should be plain black, leather (or vegan equivalent), capable of taking polish. No fabric/ canvas suede material and heels should not be larger than 4cm. 


Images of acceptable footwear

Images of unacceptable footwear