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Pegasus is a constellation in the northern hemisphere and is named after the mythological winged horse in Greek mythology. It is one of the 44 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy and is the seventh largest constellation in the sky. Pegasus was a divine creature who was a servant to Zeus the King of the gods. He would obey Zeus’s every command.

Being part of Pegasus House means you join our huge family; with vertical tutoring your daily routine will involve interaction, team building, icebreakers and fun activities with your ‘House Group.’ You will make new friends and most importantly new ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ to guide, support and care for you on your journey at Summerhill.

Students at Summerhill School will always have fun with our dynamic house system, where every skill is tested and you will try things that you never thought you’d ever try, from Limbo competitions, to fundraising events, sporting competitions and talent shows. Pegasus House will continue to encourage fun, excitement and engagement in everything we do.

‘House Tutors’ will support you throughout your time at Summerhill and help you become the very best person that you can be. They will offer you the very best pastoral care that you could ask for and be a constant for both students and parents.

Mrs H Stevens-Muir, Head of Pegasus House

We are tremendously proud to be Pegasus House and we will continue to build on a culture of loyalty, passion and respect that us ‘Flying Horses’ have regularly displayed in school life. Pegasus House will continue to work hard and collaborate in all that we do, this will build a strong identity, ethos and bring our family closer together. Our students will be an integral part of driving this ethos and supporting all of the ‘’ young and old.

Please feel confident to contact me and my team if you have any issues, concerns or questions and we will be happy to talk to you.