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Summerhill School

Summerhill School


Explanation is at the heart of what teachers at Summerhill do, and students benefit from expert subject knowledge, expertly imparted. Teachers’ deep knowledge of their curriculum, coupled with the love of the subjects they teach, opens the doors of understanding for students. We recognise that this is a two-way process and involve students in the process through questioning, checking for understanding and purposeful communication. Here are some of the principles that underpin explanation at Summerhill:

•Teacher explanation is clear and effective
•Teachers demonstrate subject expertise
•Consideration of cognitive load is evident
•The needs of all learners are met
•Students’ understanding is checked regularly and effectively
•Teaching is tethered to students’ prior knowledge, using concrete examples
•Explanations are delivered in short, manageable chunks
•Explanations are a two-way process with learners
•A culture of attentiveness is fostered
•Encourage predictions, questions, curiosity- engage!