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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Summerhill Step Challenge

How far can we all (virtually) walk from Summerhill School?
'Children's Mental Health Week', (1st - 7th February) is even more important in the current climate.  So Summerhill School had an idea!
Where possible we think it would be great if collectively we could take part in the week.  Get away from the computer screens and out of the chair to complete the challenges below:
How many steps can you climb this week? Can you reach.......
  • Sydney Opera House (425 steps)
  •  Big Ben (632 steps)
  • BT Tower Birmingham (997 steps)
  • Blackpool Tower (1036 steps)
  •  Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia (2860 steps)
  • Scafell Pike, tallest mountain in England (6180 steps)
  • Snowdon,  tallest mountain in Wales (7120 steps)
  • Ben Nevis, tallest mountain in the UK (8810 steps)
  • Mount Blanc, highest mountain in the Alps (30,420 steps)
  •  Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (38,680 steps)
  • Mount Everest, Nepal (58,070 steps)
We would like students & staff to log the steps they complete each day, to collectively see how far as a school we can walk.
Follow the link, it only takes 20 seconds to complete the step log :)
Send us pictures of the walks you have been on this week, with a little message. Would be great to hear from as many of you as possible.