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Revision Tips

Iman Gheefor, giving us some revision advice.

With exams on the horizon for Year Ten and our Year Eleven currently sitting their GCSEs, it’s a good idea to learn about some revision techniques that could help you during your exams!

* Condense information into flash cards and get people to test you, this way you can remember key bits of relevant information without crowding it with less useful facts.  Condensing information means that you learn the necessary parts and in a shorter amount of time as it is easy to constantly learn and memorise small bits of knowledge.

* Take five minute breaks for every twenty minutes of revision.  This means you can avoid getting tired, learning about a topic for ages and also allow your brain to process what you've been learning, although try not to get distracted and take an hour long break as it will just lead to more procrastination.

* Do several practice papers to get an idea of the exam format, in some subjects where note taking isn’t really ideal, like Maths.  Practice papers can develop your knowledge and help you become more comfortable with the exam layout.

* Clear your desk so you can actually work:  having a cluttered desk will just make you more frustrated and less likely to be productive, and this way you can spread out all of your resources without losing papers.

* Keep writing things down to constantly remind yourself of specific facts and only write down the bits you need so you are not wasting time.

* Create acronyms and mnemonics to make remembering things easier, for example you can do this with essay formulas and lists.