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Review/ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Ella, with a review of this modern classic

This brilliantly written book tells the story of a 15-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome trying to cope with immense changes in his life.

It is a very fast-paced story with many twists & turns leaving the reader gripped. If you’re a fan of short, quick chapters- you’ll love this read.

It starts out as an unusual murder investigation; however, it quickly develops into a story about escaping from people you thought were closest to you, and discovering secrets that leave the protagonist deeply confused and heartbroken.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought the concept and execution were both brilliant and I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless of age or gender.

My only wish was that the investigation be a longer process- the perpetrator is discovered earlier than I would’ve preferred- but it is still definitely worth the read. It really gives an insight into the life of someone who is not neuro-typical and really opened my eyes to other scenarios that I know I will never personally be in.

Loved it, easy read, almost perfect.