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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

The Autumn Term, a Retropective

Scarlett McHenry, summing up a remarkable term for Summerhill

This autumn term was a huge success at Summerhill, leading us into the new decade which will no doubt be equally delightful. With Christmas and new year rapidly approaching, the term comes to an end with festive competitions, but it feels like not long ago, we were stepping through the school doors for the first time in six weeks.

As the new Year 7 students began to settle in, the future Year 7s were welcomed into the school on open evening early this October. Students and staff agreed this was an exemplary display of the school. However, these aren’t the only people who were welcomed to the school. Mr Palfreyman began this term as the new Head Teacher at Summerhill, and the students are delighted with all he has done so far.

The term was full of events worthy of being celebrated, like the very first live Summerhill radio event, the fun run held in Mental Health Awareness and the amazing week dedicated to remembrance. Assemblies for each year along with special ones for the British Legion and other members of the public were breath-taking and highly praised by the everyone who attended – a highlight of the term for all involved.

Crazy things happened this term too! Mr Wollerton, to the amazement of the entire school, shaved his head for Children In Need, an honourable act, our school holds a lot of pride for. Pegasus house continued to dominate the Championship with their eighth big point win in a row, just one away from wining consistently for an entire year. Friday will determine if they will be the first house in history to acquire this accomplishment. The Green Party, against almost impossible odds, won our mock election, after three days of dedication from all of the party leaders. And, by popular demand each house released their very own merchandise.

As the year comes to a close, everyone is becoming more and more excited for Christmas, and the Christmas events have not been disappointing to any degree! The yearly Christmas dinner went down a storm as always, and the Christmas Cracker was fabulous thanks to the school’s performing arts students.

This decade for Summerhill has no doubt had its up and downs, but everyone would agree that during both, the students have shown an impeccable unity, even between houses. Despite the inevitable low points over a decade, Summerhill has displayed an amazing level of community that deserves to be celebrated for decades to come. Everyone is anticipating their well-deserved break, before coming back in 2020 to do it all again!