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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

A Week of Languages

Evie Gameson, with a report on the Languages week competition

Hola señors and señoritas,

Whilst languages week was fun the languages competition was even better! We started off the event by quizzing the contestants on their knowledge on the Mr Men and Little Miss books. This was done by putting a photo of the foreign version of one of the books and having the contestants guess what language it was written in and also what Little Miss or Mr Man it was.

The next round was based on the music of the world. A song was played and the participants had to guess what language the song was in and what song had been sung.  Both were awarded with a point for the correct answer.

The final round consisted of a general knowledge quiz in which the contestants had to translate the words on the board from their foreign form to their English counterpart. After this, ensued a tense period in which the answers totalled up. Finally, the silence was broken by an announcement, “and the winner is…. Ursa!”  A roar erupted from the proud bears in the room and that was the spectacular end to languages week.