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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

The Constellation

Daniel S Martin, re-introducing the Constellation.

Since early June, as the Constellation’s founder and editor-in-chief Charlie Jeavons moved on from Summerhill (and missed you are), I had been leading the team forward to continue her legacy.  For a bit of context, I’m Daniel Martin and soon to be in year 11.  Like Charlie, I see the real worth to having a school newspaper that is almost completely run by students.  A school newspaper is useful for informing those outside of the immediate community, parents and carers for example, of events that took places in or out of school.  Also, as each article is produced by the students, it means that every detail is completed by them.  The research, attendance at events, interviews, photography and, most importantly, the writing are all carried out by the students.

Recently, I have been trying to push limits of where we could go and report, including what we could use during our reporting.  For example, the team has managed to be in attendances for both the Taskmaster and Performing arts house competitions, as well as managing to report on the entire of sports day.  During our reporting, we have also been able to take pictures of the events using cameras generously loaned to use, along with reserved seats for the house competitions, to make reporting easy.  In all, we have been given opportunities to report on more events and get picture of those events and should be moving forward in this pattern.

Looking to the future, I will not have long as editor-in-chief of the Constellation and will be doing all I can while I’m around.  As year 11 dawns on me, I begin to think and worry.  As much as I adore the people I have with me, I do feel like we need more.  More writers to be specific.  People who, when I have moved on, can continue this project, this labour of love.  I’m already looking for people who I can trust to take the title of editor-in-chief, as Charlie had done with me.  So please, if you have a wondering curiosity of, a mild admiration for, or even a burning passion for writing I ask you to try writing for us.  If you would like to, we would be meeting every Tuesday lunch in English 4.  Come along, you might even like it.

Daniel S Martin