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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Swim Scheme COVID-19 Guidance - V2 September 2020

Swimming lessons will be different at the present time.  To ensure the health and safety of all involved with the Swim Scheme we ask that the following guidance is adhered to:


  • No one should attend lessons if:
    • They have symptoms of COVID-19
    • They or someone in the household has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or are showing symptoms (no one from that household should attend)
    • They have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine
  • In line with the school policy we will fully engage with the NHS Test and Trace process


Social Distancing

  • Current social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times by everyone outside, in the changing rooms, on the poolside and in the water
  • We will provide arm bands and belts but Swim Scheme staff will not be able assist with putting these on.  This will be the responsibility of the parent/carer
  • Only one parent/carer will be allowed per swimmer. 
  • No siblings will be allowed inside the school building or on poolside unless they have a swimming lesson at the same time
  • No spectators will be permitted on the poolside
  • Swim Scheme staff will not get in to the water unless there is an emergency



  • An enhanced cleaning programme will be in place
  • Changing rooms will be sanitised between users
  • Hand sanitation stations will be provided
  • Equipment will be sanitised after each lesson (This can be achieved by rinsing the equipment in the pool)


Arriving at the Pool

  • When arriving at the pool you will be asked to form a socially distanced queue outside
  • A member of Swim Scheme staff will call you into the building
  • Anyone over the age of 11 years must wear a face covering in the school building.  Once on the poolside this can be removed providing that social distancing is adhered to.  Face coverings cannot be worn in the water
  • Swimmers and Parents going into the water must arrive with swimwear already on underneath easily removable clothing.  There will be no access to any changing facilities before the lesson
  • You will will access the pool via the medical room and remove outer clothing on the poolside
  • Please bring a bag for your belongings which can be taken onto the poolside and hung on the hooks provided.  
  • Please make sure that you have supplied us with a mobile phone number that you can be contacted on whilst the lesson is taking place, should there be a need
  • We will then ask you to wait outside or return to your car if your child is in Stage 3 or 4
  • Swimmers in Stage 1 or 2 will have a parent/carer going into the water with them who will need to go on to the poolside and get changed alongside their child


Swimming Lessons

  • Swimming lessons will be 25 minutes to allow for change over time
  • Due to the current social distancing guidance, at the moment, we are only able to accommodate 12 swimmers at a time.  We will run 2 classes, with 6 swimmers in each class
  • Swimming teachers will teach from the side
  • Swimmers in Stage 1 and Stage 2 will need to have a parent/carer from their 'bubble' who is able to get into the water to support them.  The parent/carer must be confident in deep water and follow the instructions of the Level 2 swimming teacher who is delivering the lesson.  Parents/carers can wear shorts and a t-shirt over swimwear if they feel more comfortable
  • The parent/carers who are in the water will only be able to support their own child and must maintain social distancing with all other users
  • Our staff will encourage any child who is nervous or reluctant to get into the pool.  However, our staff will not be able to manually put a swimmer in the water and if a child is upset they will need to leave the pool


Changing Rooms

  • With current guidelines we will only be able to have 6 swimmers, each with one parent/carer in the changing room.  We need to know at the start of term if you will want to use the Male or the Female changing room.  This choice will not be able to be changed during the term.  The guidance on using changing rooms is:
    • Children over the age of 8 years must use the correct changing room for their gender.  The parent/carer who is going into the changing room must be of the same gender
    • Parents/carers bringing younger children should use the correct changing rooms appropriate to the parent/carer
  • Parents/carers should wait outside until the lesson finishes and then make their way to their designated changing room to meet their child
  • At the end of the lesson swimmers will get out of the pool, collect their belongings and wait for a member of staff to release them to their designated changing rooms
  • At the end of the lessons swimmers will get out of the pool, collect their belongings and be released from the poolside to their designated changing room
  • If the swimmer is getting changed on their own, then at the end of the lesson the parent/carer should make their way to the corridor to meet their child as they exit the changing room door.  We will not have any staff in the changing rooms so swimmers getting changed on their own must be responsible and capable of maintaining social distancing
  • Swimmers must not use the showers and to get changed as quickly as possible and vacate the changing room within 10 minutes of the end of the lesson to enable sanitation to take place, ready for the next users


The above information is subject to change in line with any updated guidance that we receive.