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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

House Time

All students at Summerhill School are ‘sorted’ into their houses and tutor groups when they arrive. House identity and tutor group identity are very important parts of the journey at Summerhill. Students will remain in their vertical tutor group for their time with us. House time runs for 20 minutes each morning.

Having vertical tutor groups often can seem scary but this is such a powerful part of life at Summerhill with peer tutoring, support, leadership, guidance and friendships formed.

Each week students will follow a schedule which includes:

Assembly: Led by a Head of House and the student leadership team on a topical issue or a theme.

Tutor Booklet: Each student has a tutor booklet each half term which contains a number of weekly activities including literacy tasks and tier 2 words, numeracy challenges, ‘moodles’ and growth mind-set tasks. Students will also have opportunities to read their own literature and the tutor will use these times to chat 1:1 with the student to discuss positives and areas for development based upon data from Classcharts.

Votes for Schools: Summerhill School are subscribed to Votes for Schools ( which provides for a weekly tutor session debating key, topical and relevant issues such as:

  • Will increased awareness help end modern slavery?
  • Would you ‘sharent’?
  • Is social media bad for your mental health?
  • Is there a gender bias in books?
  • Should petrol and diesel cars be banned?

Students then have the opportunity to vote on the topic so we can see hear the students’ voices and compare that regionally and nationally against other schools.

Quiz of the Week: Summerhill create a ‘Quiz of the Week’ that all students play via ‘Kahoot’ and have the opportunity to review current affairs, news of the last week, upcoming events etc. Often this is a competition within the tutor group with a variety of teams.