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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Global Learning

Global Learning is taught once per week to all students in each year group as the main vehicle to deliver lessons on PHSE, SMSC, Fundamental British Values, Citizenship, RSE, and driving whole school ethos whilst promoting a growth mind-set.

The curriculum is planned and sequenced so as the students’ progress through all stages of school, we aim to prepare them for all age appropriate circumstances that they may encounter, whilst developing characters who have the cultural capital and personal attributes to succeed in 21st Century Britain and have the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life and skills for future learning and employment.

Summerhill is promoting a growth mind-set approach and aiming to build many skills associated with this mind-set. Outcomes are not always quantifiable in the short term as we aim to support students for life throughout school and post 16. Global Learning is also deliberately aligned with the schools’ core purpose of CARE, with content driving these values.

Global Learning has been developed to encourage discussion, debate, opinion and thought. This allows sensitive and more difficult discussions to be explored. Global Learning is designed to offer depth and breadth of PHSE, SMSC, Fundamental British Values, Citizenship, RSE, and school ethos. Learning is planned to build from year to year with more depth and detail following foundations built. This is designed to help learners to remember in the long term the content they have been taught and to integrate new knowledge into larger concepts.

Ofsted 2018 reported that:

“The global learning lessons effectively provide pupils with opportunities to learn about British values. The range of educational visits and trips, as well as a well-attended and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, makes a strong contribution to pupils’ SMSC awareness and personal development.”


“The global learning lessons provide pupils with opportunities to reflect on their approach to learning, including promoting positive attitudes. Pupils also learn about safety matters as well as British values. The large majority of pupils who responded to the survey said that the school encourages them to respect people from other backgrounds and treat people equally.”


“In the global learning lessons, pupils are helped to explore personal feelings and emotions.”


Full consideration is given to all national policy and national curriculum expectations. To view the Global Learning & Assembly teaching overview* please CLICK HERE

*Please also be aware that this is working document and updates are ongoing.

To view the RSE policy please CLICK HERE