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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Art Exhibition

Scarlett McHenry, reporting on the 2019 Art Exhibition

On October 17th Mrs Fisher held her annual art exhibition for Summerhill’s previous Year 11 art students, the class of 2019. After a day of preparation, the art classrooms were set up to showcase the outstanding coursework and exam pieces, some of which achieved top marks.

With the corridor prepped with refreshments and the classrooms ready to shine a light on almost two years of work, visitors began arriving immediately from opening time. Every piece in each room received high praise from parents, teachers popping in to see the work and even fellow students who had forgotten just how breath-taking the standard truly was!

Leo Cox’s final piece, done entirely with biro pen, proved to be a showstopper, with not a single person refraining to praise him or his work, including people from his own class last year. The exhibition acted as a reunion for previous art pupils, catching up with each other and Mrs Fisher. Holly Cardo among a few others explained the similarities between GCSE and A-level art, and everyone shared the same déjà vu feeling being not only back in art but back at Summerhill.

With a turn out even better than expected, Mrs Fisher expressed her gratitude and mentioned how nice it was to see everyone. A fabulous outcome for this year’s exhibition, and with people mistaking some of the art as six-form work, let’s hope next year can live up to it!