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Summerhill School

Summerhill School

Global Learning (SMSC/PHSE)

At Summerhill, we ensure that our pupils are fully prepared for life both in and outside of school. We recognise that all students need to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. This development allows them to make sense of their world and our curriculum helps develop an informed and balanced view on world events, beliefs and values of others.

In lessons students have opportunities to explore their values and the values of others. Our broad and balanced curriculum holds at its heart fundamental British Values which promotes respect and tolerance of all faiths, respect of law and rules, encourages respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes and the belief in liberty and freedom for all people. We actively promote extra-curricular activities and the importance of active citizenship.

Through our curriculum, Global Learning programme, assemblies & house time we aim for a simple and obvious philosophy- “Success through Caring.”

Success is naturally sometimes measured through exam results (and we do pretty well when measured in that way!) but success for Summerhill is also about receiving children and supporting them to develop as individuals to leave us as fully-rounded young adults with skills and experiences that will help them to succeed in every area of their future lives: as they continue their learning journeys; as they enter employment; and as they take on new roles in families and local / national / global communities.  

Caring can be soft and gentle, when members of our community need support.  Caring can also be about being “bothered”.  We believe that real “Success through Caring” comes as a result of focusing on 4 key attributes with all members of our community:

Courage   – doing what is right; being truthful; trying new experiences
Ambition  – having high aspirations and expectations of oneself and others; testing the boundaries between possible and impossible
Respect    – being considerate to oneself, others and the environment; working together in teams
Effort         – investing time and energy to achieve success; demonstrating resilience when success seems a bit more elusive

Summerhill fundamentally believes in the development of a growth mindset culture with a drive for marginal gains in all that we do.

Social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of learning are embedded into our schemes of learning as well as a through a wide range of bespoke activities, cultural trips and residential opportunities that contribute to preparing our pupils for life in modern Britain. For more details about SMSC click here.

Summerhill is proud to be delivering comprehensive coverage of so many key skills and knowledge, which are fundamental to the growth of our students into successful young adults. Please also be aware that this is working document and updates are ongoing. As areas and topics are covered, this document will be updated to reflect the new data.

Please see our Term 4 summary below.

If you have any contacts, links or experiences that may help enrich our curriculum further then please contact so we can apply the working world of 2019 to all that we do. To see what we do on a lesson by lesson basis please follow us on Twitter @SGloballearning