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Welcome to Summerhill

Welcome to our school website. It is designed to give you a first impression of the huge range of opportunities we offer students at this highly successful and popular community school.

Students entering the school now will be seeking to make their contribution to society well into the 21st century, and the best we can say about the future is that it is fast changing and uncertain. In order to enjoy full and worthwhile lives our young people must have a rich combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and, above all, the capacity to learn and go on learning.

We are meeting this exciting challenge with a focus on 5 key areas:
  • Our growing professional understanding of the nature of teaching and learning allows us to create the conditions by which all our students can achieve at the highest level. Staff work hard to deliver fun, varied and active lessons and this is supported by a wide range of extra curricular activities such as music, sport and drama. Put simply, students are given every opportunity and encouragement to excel.
  • We continue to offer real curriculum choice for students. Our high flying students have the option of taking the three separate sciences and two foreign languages – qualifications which boost their chances of gaining places at top “Russell Group” universities. We continue to offer arts subjects such as Art, Music and Drama, plus a wide range of Design and Technology subjects such as Graphics and Food Technology. In addition, we collaborate with local Further Education Colleges to provide a range of vocational courses. Whatever your child’s interests, we will try to provide suitable qualifications that will set them up for future success.
  • Supporting our innovative curriculum is outstanding pastoral care. Heads of Year work closely with Form Tutors to ensure every child arrives at every lesson ready to learn. Our school motto is “Success Through Caring” and this underlies everything that we do.
  • A key factor in the success of the school is our rigorous programme of staff professional development. We want to create ever more effective lessons that reflect the fast changing, information rich world we live in. A recent example of this has been a very successful introduction of iPads for all teaching staff. The success of this ongoing staff training can be seen in our outstanding exam results.
  • Our fabulous new building provides an outstanding environment in which to work and learn. We appreciate this and do not take it for granted. Students on the school council work with staff to ensure the building is cared for, maintained and improved.

Welcome to Summerhill School

Mr J Bowkett, Executive Head teacher


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