School Councils

Form Councils – Tutor time is used to discuss agenda items and give views to form representatives to take to school council meetings.

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Year Councils – We are here to represent the students in the school. To represent the views of the students in each year, and to all work together to ensure everyone can be successful at Summerhill.

Whole School Council – We help to co-ordinate and support the Year Council representatives. We meet to gather views from Year Councils and make recommendations to the school Leadership Team.

Peer Mentors – The purpose of the Peer Mentors is to sort out issues and problems that students encounter at school. The Peer Mentors offer ‘drop-in’ sessions during lunchtime, where you can talk about your concerns. They also work with Year 6 students during ‘Induction Days’ and they provide a helpful and friendly service within school to all students.

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Teaching and Learning Council – The Teaching and Learning Council involves members of all year groups. We aim to investigate the most effective ways that students in our school learn, so that we can pass this information on to members of staff. We get this information by asking a range of different students through interviews.

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