Contact list for parents

If you are a parent/carer and wish to contact the school regarding any issues, please use this flow chart. This will help us to support your child as quickly and efficiently as possible. The chart should help you to identify who should be contacted in the first instance, and who to go to next, if you still have any outstanding concerns. Please click on the flowchart to see a larger version.

communication flowchart


Wherever possible, please use email to make contact with staff.  This is the most efficient means of communication.  Staff will aim to respond within 1 working day.

Mr J Barnbrook
Mr O Bennett
Mrs S Bentley
Mr A Biggs
Mrs S Billingham
Mr A Bourne
Mrs C Bradley
Mr I Bratt
Mrs J Colston
Mr R Compton
Mr M Cox
Mr A Davis
Mrs A Day
Mrs F Di Donato
Mr A Dixon
Mr D Freeman
Ms L Gautrey
Mrs C Glews
Mr L Hall
Mrs R Hands-Portman
Miss S Hankin
Mrs S Harris
Mrs J Hawkin
Mrs C Hodges
Mr C Holden
Mr T Holden
Mrs M Holt
Mrs F Howarth
Mr D Hunt
Mrs E Hutton
Miss D Irons
Mrs A Jones
Mrs C Jones
Mrs E Jones
Mr R McAlister
Mrs A Mehan
Mr A Perks
Dr M Quane
Ms K Rani
Mr J Rea
Mrs S Rea
Mrs E Reade
Mrs J M Robinson
Mrs H Spencer
Mr A Staines
Mr A Walton
Mrs J Wildboar


Mrs A Roman Year 7
Mrs D Syed Year 8
Mrs L Salmon Year 9
Mrs M Palermo Year 10
Mrs T Malcolm Year 11
Mrs K Presdee KS3 Support and Intervention


Heads of Year
Mrs D Thomas Head of Year 7
Ms H Stevens Head of Year 8
Mrs K Turner Head of Year 9
Mr K Quirke Head of Year 10
Ms L Pearce Head of Year 11


Department Head of Department SLT Link
Art Mrs J Colston Mr A Cresswell
Business Studies Miss S Hankin Mrs S Sprouting
Computing Mr A Dixon Mr A Cresswell
Design Technology Mr A Perks Mr A Cresswell
Drama Mr R Compton Miss K Warby
English Mrs C Jones Mr A Cresswell
Geography Mr D Hunt Mrs S Sprouting
Health/Development Mrs C Glews Mr A Cresswell
History Mr L Hall Miss K Warby
Languages Mrs R Hands-Portman Mr A Cresswell
Law Miss S Bentley Mr M Rowley
Literacy Mrs C Bradley Mrs S Sprouting
Maths Mrs A Jones / Mrs A Mehan Mr A Cresswell
Media Mr C Holden Mr M Rowley
Music Mr A Biggs Miss K Warby
PE Mrs S Billingham Mrs S Sprouting
Psychology/Sociology Miss K Warby Mr A Cresswell
Religious Studies Mrs K Rani Mr M Rowley
Science Miss L Gautrey Mr A Cresswell


Key Associate Staff
Mrs J Allen Learning Centre Manager
Mrs A Bellamy WEX/Careers Administrator
Mrs S Denley Exam/Data Manager
Mrs L Du-Mont Year Group Support Assistant
Years 7 & 8
Mrs T Dunn Year Group Support Assistant
Years 9 & 10
Mrs A Fisher Year Group Support Assistant
Year 11
Mr J Griffiths Senior Science Technician
Mrs C Hadley Admin Manager
Mrs K Hastilow Senior Science Technician
Mrs A Hill Lead First Aider
Mrs S Jones Extended Schools Manager (Pathways)
Mrs H Patel Data Manager
Miss K Stone PA to Executive Headteacher


Senior Leadership Team
Lead Practitioner Mr M Rowley
Lead Practitioner (& SENCO) Mrs S Sprouting
Lead Practitioner Miss K Warby
Director of Operations & Business Mrs J Belcher
Associate Headteacher Mr A Cresswell
Executive Headteacher Mr J Bowkett

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