R&B duo wow students!

On Thursday 26th January, Summerhill Students were treated to a live lunchtime performance by an upcoming and highly talented R&B duo called Misunderstood. The performance was an exclusive, tickets-only event for students with at least 94% attendance, good attitude grades and no detentions. Over 380 students attended the concert, filling the school with music and cheer.

Misunderstood, also known as Stephan Benson and Jeffrey Okyere, performed their unique blend of catchy songs and explosive dancing to thunderous applause. Many students stayed after the performance to catch a quick selfie, receive souvenir wristbands and get their tickets signed.

“The students and the gig were sick, they were so loud and full of energy, they were crazy and we loved it!” Stephan remarked after the performance. “We love performing to school crowds”.

When asked about what is most important about school life, Jeffrey answered, “Definitely be yourself, kids today are so worried about what others think of them. Express yourself, be confident and don’t worry about what others think, more than likely you won’t see them much after you leave school anyway!”

“Yeah” Stephan agreed, “and also make sure that students have thought about their future. It is good to live in the moment but remember that the future needs thinking about too.”


Misunderstood can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out!

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