Staying safe on the internet is extremely important at Summerhill School, so to help you do this here are our 'top ten tips'...

1. Treat your password like a toothbrush - keep it to yourself!

2. Only give your mobile number or website adress to trusted friends.

3. Block the bully - learn to block or report someone who is behaving badly towards you.

4. Save the evidence - learn how to keep records of offending text messages, pictures, or online conversations.

5. Don't retaliate or reply.

6. Check your profile and make sure that it doesn't include any personal information.

7. Always respect others - be careful what you say online and what images you send.

8. Think before you send - whatever you send can be made public very quickly.

9. Look out for your friends, and do something if they are at risk.

10. Tell your parents, carer or a teacher if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.